Wednesday, December 4, 2013

MSRTC Bus pass New rates for 4 days and 7 days

MSRTC Bus pass rates for 2013

MSRTC has revised the bus pass rates for 7 days and 4 days . The new concession rates helps passengers to travel in new rates.

Moreover, the inter-state passes will be applicable for ordinary as well as semi-luxury buses. These passes can be used for regular and for travelling in additional buses that operate during Pandharpur yatras, Ganapati festival, etc. To reserve seats, pass holders can pay the necessary charges. Adult and child pass holders can carry 30 kg and 15 kg luggage respectively for free.

MUMBAI: The MSRTC has hiked its fares for four-day and seven-day tourist passes.

The four-day pass for peak season (October 15 to June 14) will now be Rs 735 (old fare Rs 685) for ordinary bus/Mini or Midi buses, Rs 850 (Rs 785) for semi luxury bus and Rs 915 (Rs 845) for inter-state semi luxury or ordinary bus. The fare for the same pass for non-peak season from June 15 to October 14 will be Rs 680 (old fare of Rs 635) for ordinary bus / Mini or Midi buses, Rs 785 (Rs 725) for semi-luxury bus and Rs 850 (Rs 785) for inter-state semi luxury or ordinary bus.