Tuesday, December 3, 2013

AMTS concession scheme for Students

Concession scheme for students in AMTS

AMTS  Ahmedabad Muncipal transport corporation has introduced good concession scheme to support students . These kind of scheme monthly charges is around 300Rs per month.

 Student’s Concession Scheme : Term pass - Rate of Rs. 300/- Per month.

The students studying in Government recognized and granted schools, colleges and vocational training institute, on producing the Identification certificate of their Institute, can get a concession pass. Student can use this pass for any bus, any route and all the times. The concession charge is monthly Rs.300 and Rs.50 is charged for smart-card. Children between 3 and 12 years are charged at uniform rate.

Students bus-concession forms are issued free of charge at Ritz, hotel, Lal Darwaja concession office. Concession pass is issued after 3 days by submitting the duly filled in form as per rules and regulations. This facility is available at Municipal Civil Centers (on Computer) when there is rush time in the beginning of both the terms.  For more info visit http://amtsinfo.in/concession-schemes-students