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BRTC Bus service

Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation (BRTC) is the state-owned transport corporation of Bangladesh. It was established under the Government Ordinance No.7 of 1961 dated 4 February 1961. Following the independence of Bangladesh in 1971, it assumed its current name.BRTC Bus service are classified into International, city service and Inter-District Service : BRTC provides both passenger and cargo transport services.
BRTC operates three international bus lines (Dhaka to Kolkata, Agartala, and Siliguri in India). Inside Bangladesh, it operates inter-district bus services through its bus depots in Chittagong, Bogra, Comilla, Pabna, Rangpur, Barisal, and Sylhet. It also operates intra-city bus services in many major cities of the country.
For transportation of cargo, BRTC operates a fleet of 170 trucks. About twenty percent of the government food transport uses BRTC's trucks. The two main truck depots are located at Dhaka and Chittagong.
BRTC's main driver training institute located in Joydevpur, Gazipur District, about forty kilometres north of Dhaka. It also has several other training institutes located in Chittagong, Bogra, Khulna, and Jhenaidah. Through these institutes, BRTC provides training in basic car operation and repair.

i. International Bus Service
(a) Dhaka - Kolkata International Service :
Two buses are being operated between Dhaka - Kolkata every day having 40 seating capacity. These are fully air-conditioned and Super Deluxe Buses of international standard.
2. No buses are operated on Sunday from either sides.
Fare is BDT. 1500/- (for two ways) per passenger (US $ 22.00/passenger)
From Dhaka one Bus starts at 7:00 a.m. and another at 7:30 a.m. (BST) and Similarly 2 buses from Kolkata starts at 6:30 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. (IST)
Bangladesh Buses are operated on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Indian buses are operated on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday from Bangladesh side and Visa-vi'z.
Maximum 20 kg. goods are allowed for each passenger.
Contact Tel. No. Dhaka -Kolkata : 880-2-8357757, 880-2-8356720, 880-2-9333803 : 91-33-23591076, 91-33-22521049
Kolkata International
(b) Dhaka Agartala Bus Service:
One air-conditioned Super Deluxe bus is operated having 40 seats of international standard.
Fare is Tk. 600/- (For two ways)-(Around US $ 10)
Time schedule available over Tel. No. 880-2-8360241
Agartala International
Dhaka Based Bus Services
These services are mainly plying within the city territory and greater city areas in Dhaka. BRTC operates most of its Double Decker buses for this service. These are wide bodied buses with comfortable sitting arrangements. There are other Intra-city services for women, govt. employees, destitute and disabled. Few services are dedicated to University students on reduced fares. Due to shortage of buses BRTC canĂ¢€™t fulfill the demand of the common traveling mass.
(a) Double Decker Bus Depot, Tel. No. 880-2-9002395
(b) Kallyanpur Bus Depot, Tel. No. 880-2-9002531
City bus
(c) Motijheel Bus Depot, Tel. No. 880-2-9333803
(d) Joarshahara Bus Depot, Tel. No. 880-2-8911778
Regional Bus Services
Most of the greater districts and divisional cities are covered by this services. Luxury buses with comfortable sitting facilities are provided to the passengers.
(a) Chittagong Bus Depot, Tel. No. 031- 683423
(b) Bogra Bus Depot, Tel. No. 051- 66145
(c) Comilla Bus Depot, Tel. No. 081- 61988
(d) Pabna Bus Depot, Tel. No. 0731- 64768
(e) Rangpur Bus Depot, Tel. No. 0521- 64110
(f) Barisal Bus Depot, Tel. No. 0431- 63793
(g) Sylhet Bus Depot
(h) Narsingdi Bus Depot
(i) Khulna Bus Depot